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We calculated the prices of the tickets in a way so they would cover the costs for the conference while still being affordable by nearly everyone. The accommodation for all participants is in rooms with four to eight beds, most of them bunk beds. You can tell us your preferred room mates on the registration form. All prices in EUR.

To sign up, just click here!

until 31.05.2018 until 30.09.2018 from 01.10.2018
Subsidized Ticket 50 50  50
Standard Ticket (Member of DLRV) 90 100 110
Standard Ticket 105 115 125
Social Business Ticket 250 250 250


Staggered pricing

To be able to know the number of participants as soon as possible and plan accordingly and to motivate you to sign up early we decided for a staggered pricing scheme as it is common at German larps. The first stage ends on May 31, the second on October 30 and the last ends at the first day of conference on 16th November. So the sooner you sign up, the less amount you have to pay for your ticket.

Different tickets? Why not one-price-fits-all-tickets? 

We’re always trying to enable younger people and pull for new talent. But we do know the struggles from our own times as students: there’s a great event yet we cannot attend because well, it’s too expensive. This is why we didn’t limit ourselves to offering Standard Tickets. Just like the last year, we’re offering subsidized tickets. How do we subsidize tickets? Well, we encourage people to subsidize such a ticket by buying a Social Business Ticket ;-).

Each ticket covers your attendance for all three days of the event, including accomodation and food.

Please choose for yourself which ticket fits your requirements best.

  • the Standard Ticket covers (with the help of a lot of voluntary helpers) all expenses. The staggered pricing is EUR 105,00/EUR 115,00/EUR 125,00.
  • the Social Business Ticket enables the subsidized ticket. The price is set to EUR 250,00. Please keep in mind that this is also a part of our Partnership Program and can bring additional benefits such as advertisement to your company, if applicable!
  • the Subsidized Ticket is applicable to all those who really want to attend the conference but simply cannot afford paying the full price. It’s available for a reduced set price of EUR 50,00. This ticket price also applies to those participants who sleep at another place.


One-day attendance

Preferrably, we’d like you to come over for the whole weekend. After all, we want you to be a part of the MittelPunkt, have fun with all of us and visit ALL the workshops!

However, if you cannot make it for a full three days, that’s not a problem. We offer one-day attendance tickets for either friday, saturday or sunday for the set price of EUR 50,00.

Just let us know if you’re interested.

I’d love to help! Will there be a discount if I do?

Unfortunately, we’re not granting any discounts. Most work will be done by a core organisation group. Of course there’ll be some free drinks for helpers but we’re strict on the discounts as we are not making money with this event. We do not plan to make any profit with this event.

If you’re happy to help for free (or, as said, some drinks), there are actually some ways to do that. Just click here.


That’s it! To sign up, just click here!