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The Mittelpunkt takes places from 16th to 18th November in the Youth Hostel Castle Heldrungen (near Erfurt).

Official opening is on friday at 6pm. The end is planned for sunday at 3:30pm.

What is the Mittelpunkt?

The Mittelpunkt is a meet-up to facilitate the exchange between Larpers of all genres and settings. With up to 180 guests in past years and many foreign participants Mittelpunkt is an international event in the european Larp community.

Characteristic for Mittelpunkt is the high amount of talks, chamber larps, discussions and workshops. Furthemore it gives larp clubs and campaigns the opportunity to host annual gatherings.

During the conference the F.R.E.D. gets awarded. F.R.E.D. is the award for progressive roleplay development in Germany (Fortschrittliche Rollenspiel Entwicklung in Deutschland), which honours outstanding, trendsetting and innovative Larps of the last year.

This year’s Mittelpunkt takes place for the 13th time as the Larp conference of the Deutschen Liverollenspiel-Verbands e.V. (German Larp Association). The theme of 2018 is “STRANGER LARP”. Because of this the conference will focus mystery, horror an alternative concepts. In addition the event is offering space for discussions about larp theory, for exchange between organizers of kid larps, for the testing of great chamber larps and a lot more. The invitation goes to all larp organizers, contributors to larp theory and players who would like to get to know new techniques and methods, exchange ideas and develop larp further. Of course all other people, who are interested in the hobby and method larp, are invited, too.

The Location

The Youth Hostel Heldrungen is located near Erfurt. It is a youth hostel well known for outdoor education activities.